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Pedagogical Training Kit for children and families

The pedagogical and training toolkit will be composed by several materials addressed to tackle the child sexual abuse with primary school students and families within the home environment. The toolkit will contain materials developed under the project framework and other successful available material already created by other organizations or other projects. The aim is to include several materials to work on it as an exercise book, tales, films, audiovisual material, etc.

The goal of the kit is to strengthen the understanding of children’s rights and describe sexual abuse as a violation of their right to a healthy development and the protection against any form of violence, (among others). At the same time, the material will help children to identify abusive situations and develop their personal resources in order to reach for adults they trust or specialized community resources when facing them.

With families, a special focus will be placed on the false beliefs that hinder an accurate understanding of the reality of child sexual abuse, privacy, boundaries and trust. At the same time, it will provide recommendations for managing situations related to the suspicion and notification of situations of child sexual abuse either at school or in the family.


The awareness raising kits will raise consciousness on child sexual abuse. It will help children, families, educators and policy makers to understand the issue and know about the high prevalence. The materials will help to empower children by knowing their rights and tell them where to ask for help in abusive situations. Adults will be informed about the connection of child sexual abuse and academic results. Furthermore they will be supported by preventing sexual assaults.

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Cards for children can be printed double sided and used in communication with children

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