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Your right as a child…

All children have the right to live free from all forms of violence. This means that, as a child, you have the right to be treated with respect and in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable.

Violence happens in different ways…

There is violence that it is easy to see because it hurts the body, like hitting, or pushing, or pinching. And there is another type of violence that hurts inside, in the emotions or feelings: when someone says bad things to us or we feel ignored.

But there is another kind of violence which we usually don’t speak about. It is the violence that happens when someone asks us to see or do things to our intimate parts, or the other person’s intimate parts. Usually, the person who asks to do this is someone we usually know and appreciate, which can be very confusing. When this happens, this person might ask us to keep the secret, and we might feel scared or ashamed. This violence is called child sexual abuse.

If this happens to you…

Nobody has the right to make you feel uncomfortable in anyway. These feelings sometimes make that you feel frightened or unsafe, or that your heart beats very fast, or your stomach aches, or you sweat a lot or feel shaky.

If there is something going on that is making you feel like this, it is very important that you can tell to an adult you trust. This adult can be someone in your family, or in your school or your community. If this adult is busy, or can’t listen to you, talk to another adult you trust until they listen to you and help you feel safe.

Remember: you don’t have to keep a secret that is making you feel bad or uncomfortable in any way.

What is this project for?

This program aims at informing all members in your community about: the rights that all children have, (including the right to be safe),  identifying risky situations and how to react when feeling uncomfortable and the significance of creating a safety-net of adults that you trust (so that you can immediately ask for help or express any worries you may have).

In other words, we want the adults from your local community to know how to:

  • Protect you from abuse
  • Educate you about your rights as a child
  • Talk to you about your safety
  • Recognize and react to the risks in your environment

What do you need to learn?

To protect yourself and to be safe, we want you to:

  • Know about your rights, be self-confident and tell when you don’t feel comfortable or safe
  • Recognize the risks and signs related to abuse
  • Encourage you to talk about your safety, norms, values with your family members, school staff and within the community
  • Know how to find adults that can help you when you feel unsafe

What can you find in this section?

On this section you can find helpful materials that you and your family can use to broaden the knowledge on the topic of your safety.


The awareness raising kits will raise consciousness on child sexual abuse. It will help children, families, educators and policy makers to understand the issue and know about the high prevalence.

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