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Working as an educator and witnessing children’s development is a huge privilege that comes paired with also a huge responsibility: ensuring that while children are under your responsibility, they are and feel safe.

The project “Breaking the Silence Together” will help you to understand child sexual abuse and its specific characteristics. This understanding is crucial to effectively detect risk factors and to implement strategies to enhance the protective factors, either within children themselves or within the educational dynamics and setting. The project will also provide you with tools to engage families in this process and resources where you can find extra help and information.

This work will be enhanced if your school implements the community prevention program proposed, as it will provide a wider context for the work you can undertake individually as an educator within your classroom.

PUBLICATION – this page will include:

  • community prevention program
  • teacher manual
  • Pedagogical and training toolkit for students and families
  • links to national policies, laws and regulations
  • awareness raising kit


Links for child sexual abuse prevention

Protection of children against child sexual abuse
Council of Europe strategy

Council of Europe publication “Protecting children from sexual violence
a comprehensive approach”

The Lanzarote convention and relevant material

One in five campaign
Council of Europe

The Gear Project (Gender Equality Awareness Raising)
here also toolkits for school-based prevention

Balkan Epidemiological Study
on Child abuse & Neglect (BECAN)

(US) Child Welfare Information Getaway

Child Welfare Information Getaway
informative leaflet: Preventing child sexual abuse

Ireland – Children First
National guidance for the protection and welfare of children

European Commission
10 principles for integrated child protection systems

(US) National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Preventing child sexual abuse resources

UK – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Preventing child sexual abuse

(US) Crimes Against children Research Center

“Smile of the Child” NGO

“Eliza” NGO for 0-5 children

Ombudsman for children rights

tools for professionals for the management of child abuse and neglect cases

SOS Villages

National Centre for Social Solidarity
Child helpline

Terminology guidelines for the protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
General Comments

World report on violence against children 2006



The teacher’s manual is a practical tool that seeks to empower teachers to engage in the prevention and protection of child sexual abuse within their classrooms.


more information


The awareness raising kits will raise consciousness on child sexual abuse. It will help children, families, educators and policy makers to understand the issue and know about the high prevalence.

community prevention program

The program aims to strengthen schools’ capacities to prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse.

training courses

This training course will promote civic, intercultural and social competences, mutual understanding and respect, as well as the fundamental rights through a pedagogical training toolkit addressed to children and families.

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