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Learning from experience

Academic success for all by preventing child sexual abuse

The present report intends to identify common key elements of previous successful experiences of prevention programmes addressing the issue of child sexual abuse in primary schools. To this end, good practices of community programmes that have already been applied in European countries have been collected and analysed. Drawing on the previous experience and taking into account the guide for preventing child maltreatment developed by the World Health Organisation, a clear suggestion for designing a school-based child sexual abuse prevention programme has been drafted. Focusing on body awareness, self-assertiveness and children’s empowerment and raising the awareness of adults surrounding children, i.e. parents, teachers, various stakeholders and professionals, on protection issues with the use of participatory methods it is aimed to prevent child sexual abuse. A sensitized community establishes a safe environment for children and thus enhances their well-being and school performance. This report constitutes the first stage for the development of a prevention programme as part of the project “Breaking the silence together: Academic success for all by tackling child sexual abuse in primary schools of Europe”.

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Partnership of the Erasmus+ project “BREAKING THE SILENCE TOGETHER. Academic success for all by tackling child sexual abuse in primary schools of Europe. 2016 – 2018.


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