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We as adults are responsible for the lives of our children. It is within our power to cover their basic needs; we can make decisions for them in a variety of areas. We are responsible for their lives as well having power over them. It is a power which is uncomfortable to come to terms with but one which is unquestionable: children are, by definition, vulnerable and dependent. When they are born they cannot fend for themselves, they cannot meet their own needs and they depend on others in order to stay healthy, to stay connected and understand external reality.

Parents play an essential role in the prevention of child sexual abuse. The collaboration of parents as well as their support to schools programs has been proven successful. By involvement of you as parents in the community prevention program you can play an important role and can be actively involved. Your children will be able to discuss the training they received in schools with you at home.

The project “Breaking the Silence Together” will provide you with the needed guidelines and a training toolkit so that you can learn how to talk to your children and be aware of what signs to look out for. In case of a suspicion in the family or at school you will find information on how to act in an effective and protective way.



This training course will promote civic, intercultural and social competences, mutual understanding and respect, as well as the fundamental rights through a pedagogical training toolkit addressed to children and families.


The program aims to strengthen schools’ capacities to prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse.


The awareness raising kits will raise consciousness on child sexual abuse. It will help children, families, educators and policy makers to understand the issue and know about the high prevalence.

Cards for children

Cards for children can be printed double sided and used in communication with children.

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